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LAP Control Application 4.1.8 for Windows 10/11

On Windows 11 systems, you might need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to run the LAP software.

Software for macOS/Linux

Please contact us if you wish to use the LAP with macOS or Linux systems.

Legacy Software

For the legacy LAP sofware version 3, see the legacy support page.

Assembly and Calibration



Software Installation & Calibration

Drawing and Tracing

Laser Scanning Setup

Quick Start

Draw: Details and Handles

Draw: Outline, Non-ceramic Finds

Draw: Paint / Erase / Trim

Draw: Diameter, Lids and Bottoms

Drawing Properties

Trace: Join Profile Segments

Trace: Edit Photo Mask

Trace: Digitize Drawings

Drawing Complete Vessels

Database and Analytical Operations

Deposit – Graph Database

Database: Analytical Functions

Database: PostgreSQL Store

Database: Main vs. Daily

Database: Extract a Subset

CeraMatch – Visual Classification of Ceramics