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Laser Aided Profiler – Control Application 4.1.3

Download the latest LAP software, including a stand-alone version of the open-source database system Deposit

On Windows 11 systems, you might need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to run the LAP software.

Legacy Software

For the legacy LAP sofware version 3, see the legacy support page

Assembly and Calibration



Software Installation & Calibration

Drawing and Tracing

Laser Scanning Setup

Quick Start

Draw: Details and Handles

Draw: Outline, Non-ceramic Finds

Draw: Paint / Erase / Trim

Draw: Diameter, Lids and Bottoms

Drawing Properties

Trace: Join Profile Segments

Trace: Edit Photo Mask

Trace: Digitize Drawings

Drawing Complete Vessels

Database and Analytical Operations

Deposit – Graph Database

Database: Analytical Functions

Database: PostgreSQL Store

Database: Main vs. Daily

Database: Extract a Subset

CeraMatch – Visual Classification of Ceramics